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Solidarity Organizations in Moldova
Our participation in the Council of Europe

Fight against human trade
we are partners of European Union

The Regina Pacis Foundation is a partner of the project Equal «No Trade», financed by European Union. This project foresees the promotion of innovative models of strategic information and education to legality, against trafficking in people aimed to sexual exploitation and support of women, the victims of. First of all the project foresees the extensive informational action, with creation of an important Internet portal and requested initiatives all over the Italian territory. We collaborate with Equal projects from Greece, Sweden and Latvia already.

Pc, a laboratory
for our children

Within the family-house of Regina Pacis Foundation it was created for homeless children of Chisinau a computer laboratory and a library, where children, our guests, begun an elementary training course.

Moldova says no
to sexual tourism

Don Cesare Lodeserto had offered interview to Moldavian quotidian «Flux» about a said phenomenon of sexual tourism in Moldova, analyzing its forms, reasons, actions of fight against. We offer you the integral text of interview hereinafter.


Legal office for
Moldavian citizens

Informational bureau
for immigrants


Invitation of enterprises
Poor men basket

urgent needs

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